The commercial aspects of THDC India Limited are being looked after by Corporate Commercial department. The major functions of Commercial department are as under:
  • Signing of Power Purchase Agreements.
  • Allocation of Power
  • Declaration of Units & Power plants under Commercial Operation.
  • Filling of Tariff petitions for operating stations before Hon’ble Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (CERC) for determining the Tariff and other related matters.
  • Dealing with various regulatory issues such as comments on draft regulations, Long Term Access and Misc. Petitions etc.
  • Raising of energy and associated bills.
  • Revenue realization and other associated activities.
  • To build sustainable value base relationship with beneficiaries through mutual trust.
Hydro project under operation and Maintenance
THDC India Limited is presently operating and maintaining two Hydro Projects namely Tehri HPP(1000MW) and Koteshwar HEP(400 MW) in the state of Uttrakhand. Both the above projects are multipurpose projects, providing irrigation benefits to command area and drinking water to Delhi and Uttar Pradesh.  Tehri HPP and Koteshwar HEP  were synchronized with northern grid and declared under Commercial Operation on 09.07.2007 and 01.04.2012 respectively. Tehri HPP and Koteshwar HEP  are designed to generate 2797MU and 1154.84MU annual electrical energy respectively.
The power generated from the above projects is being supplied to mainly beneficiary States in Northern Region as per Power Purchase Agreements and allocation orders issued by Ministry of Power, GoI. Out of the total energy injected from above projects, 12% free power is being supplied to home state i.e Uttrakhand.
Besides above, Dhukwan Small Hydro Project (24MW) has also been commissioned in Dec’19-Jan’20 at fixed tariff of Rs.

Tariff in the form of Annual Fixed cost (AFC) for Tehri HPP and Koteshwar HEP is approved by Hon’ble CERC from time to time on the basis of prevailing Tariff Regulations.
Energy bills are being raised on the beneficiaries of the projects on the basis of tariff approved by Hon’ble CERC, REAs issued by Northern Regional Power Committee (NRPC) and prevailing CERC Tariff Regulations and its amendments issued from time to time.
 Wind Projects under operation and Maintenance :
THDC India Limited is presently operating and maintaining two wind Projects at  Patan and Dwarka in Gujarat  having installed capacity of 50MW & 63MW respectively. The wind project at Patan was commissioned on 29.06.2016 and Dwarka was commissioned on 31.03.2017. The total power generated from above projects is being supplied to Gujarat Urja Vikas Nigam Ltd (GUVNL) as per Power Purchase Agreements.
The Power Purchase Agreements for the Patan and Dwarka  wind projects have been signed  with Gujarat Urja Vikas Nigam Ltd (GUVNL)  at fixed tariff of Rs 4.15/unit and Rs 4.19/unit respectively for 25 years of life of the projects.
Energy bills are being raised on Gujarat Urja Vikas Nigam Ltd (GUVNL) on the basis of fixed tariff and energy accounts issued in SLDC,Gujarat.