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In the recent decades, Renewable energy is becoming the key focus of International agenda for combating the adverse effects of climate change.

In Cop-21 held at Paris in 2015, India has pledged to increase the share of non fossil fuel based electricity to 40% by 2030. While in view of present development (100 GW renewable energy target achieved in Aug-2021) the share of non fossil fuel has been increased to 50% by 2030 in COP-26 (Glasgow-2021). The ambitious renewable energy targets of our nation against the above said goals have also been revised to 500 GW in COP-26 compared to 450 GW in COP-21.

In COP-26 India has also declared to achieve net zero carbon emission by 2070.

For attaining the above targets a drastic change in Energy Sector is the need of the hour. Energy transition will play a prominent role for the said cause. Development and implementation of non conventional energy resources like Solar, Wind, Geothermal, Waste to Energy, Green Hydrogen etc. will help immensely for taking the initial steps towards cleaner and greener world.

THDCIL is also actively participating for attaining the above targets. THDCIL is accelerating the growth of renewable energy sector by participating and developing the different renewable energy projects mainly solar and wind. THDCIL has also critically focussing on countering the natural limitation of renewable energy resources techniques like bundling of power, energy mix etc. for ensuring grid stability and round the clock power .

Green hydrogen is becoming a potential and clean source of energy and thus emerging as a future fuel. In line with “National Green Hydrogen Mission”, THDCIL is actively involved in implementation of green hydrogen project.

For capacity addition in hydro sector, development of new hydro power projects along with pump storage plants are also being explored and implemented by THDCIL.