1. Using LiFE logo as official Email signature.
  2. Awareness Through Social Media and THDCIL official Website.
  3. Awareness of internal stakeholders.
  4. Cleanliness Drive at VPHEP Project.
  5. Use of Steel ware and Glassware at Canteens and Offices of VPHEP.
  6. Painting Competition at TES High School, THDCIL-Rishikesh (22.05.2023).
  7. Mission Life Pledge at TES High School, THDCIL-Rishikesh (22.05.2023).
  8. Essay Competition in TES High School, THDCIL-Rishikesh (23.05.2023)
  9. Mission Life Awareness Program and Award Distribution at TES High School, THDCIL-Rishikesh (24.05.2023).
  10. Awareness Program in Local Community at Amelia Coal Mine Project (23.05.2023).
  11. Awareness Program and Mission Life Pledge in Rajkiya Ucch Prathmik Vidyalaya, Vishnugad Pipalkoti HEP (26.05.2023).
  12. Awareness Program through representative from KedarNath Forest Division at Vishnugad Pipalkoti HEP (27.05.2023).
  13. Awareness Program in CCLE Training Program conducted by District Education Officer at Singrauli, Amelia, Madhya Pradesh (23.05.2023)
  14. Awareness Program through Mission LiFE Posters and Banners within THDCIL and Local Community. (22.05.2023 to 26.05.2023)
  15. E-Waste Collection at NCR office, THDCIL (23.05.2023)
  16. School Level Painting Competition at Khurja Super Thermal Power Plant, THDCIL (23.05.2023).
  17. Awareness Program and Mission Life Pledge in Narendra Mahila Vidyalaya, at Tehri HEP, THDCIL and Narendra Mahila Vidyalaya Students’ Rally for awareness Program in Local Community, Tehri HEP, THDCIL (23.05.2023)
  18. Awareness to Local community for using E-Vehicle, # Save Energy (26.05.2023)
  19. Awareness and Action drive for Use of LED-Lights, # Save Energy (26.05.2023)
  20. Awareness and Action drive for using AC on save energy Mode (at 24 0C) # Save Energy (26.05.2023).
  21. Awareness and Action drive for fixing Water Taps and pipelines for any leakage# Save Water (26.05.2023).
  22. Distribution of Dustbins in Bharat Mata Mandir School at Rishikesh (26.05.2023).
  23. Awareness through Selfi-Point (01.06.2023)
  24. Nukkad Natak at Janki Setu, Rishikesh Bus Stand and Treveni Ghat.and Gangotri Bhawan, THDCIL(04/05.06.2023)
  25. Robbers Cave Natural Walk conducted by IRO-MoEF&CC, Dehradun (31.05.2023)
  26. Awareness through Mission Life Stickers (05.06.2023)
  27. Painting Competition in Summer Camp at Harish Gupta Aadarsh Kanya Inter College (02.06.2023)
  28. Awareness session by Dr Anil Joshi at Tehri HEP (03.06.2023)
  29. Distribution of Indoor plant at NCR office and Tehri HEP (03.06.2023)