• THDCIL has commissioned three hydro power projects namely Tehri Dam & HPP (1000 MW) in 2006-07, Koteshwar HEP (400 MW) in 2011-12,Dhukwan SHP (24 MW) in 2019-20,two Wind Power Projects in Gujarat (50 MW in Patan and 63 MW in DevbhumiDwarika) in 2016-17and one Solar Power Project at Kasargod, Kerela (50 MW) in 2020-21.
  • THDC proposes to add 2964 MW during 2021-2024 in the Capacity Addition Programme of MoP with the planned commissioning of following Projects:

1.    Tehri PSP                                           -            1000 MW
2.    VishnugadPipalkoti HEP                  -             444 MW
3.    Solar Power Plants                           -             200 MW
4.    Khurja STTP                                       -            1320 MW

                                        TOTAL              -            2964 MW
  • Further, THDCIL is involved in development of 2000 MW and 1500 MW Solar Power Parks in State of Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan respectively through Joint Ventures with respective State Nodal Agencies.
  • After approval by UP Cabinet on 16.06.2020, MoU between THDCIL(74% Share)  and UPNEDA(26% Share)  for formation of JV has been signed on 06.08.2020. JV Company namely TUSCO limited has been registered on 12.09.2020. In- principle approval has been accorded by MNRE to TUSCO Ltd on 13.10.2020 for setting up of two Solar Parks of 600MW each in Lalitpur and Jhansi districts of Uttar Pradesh.3020 acres of land (both Govt and private land) has been identified in Lalitpur and 3756 acres of land (both Govt and private land) has been identified in Jhansi district. The work for topographical survey, Geotechnical Study and DPR preparation for both Lalitpur & Jhansi UMREPP have been awarded.
  • THDCIL has submitted the requisite Board Resolution of the Corporation to Rajasthan Renewable Energy Corporation (RRECL) and Principal Secretary, GOR for allocation of 1500 MW UMREPP in Rajasthan to THDCIL and signing of the necessary MOU with RRECL. The response from GOR is still awaited. During the meeting held by Hon’ble Minister of State (I/C), Power & NRE, Hon’ble Minister gave necessary directions to MNRE & GOR to allot land for the solar parks to THDCIL in line with NTPC & SECI for setting up of UMREPP in Rajasthan.
  • THDCIL is also exploring possibilities of development of Hydro Electric, Pumped Storage and Renewable Energy Schemes in various parts of the country as well as neighboring Countries.