·         With the commissioning of Tehri Dam & HPP (1000 MW) in 2006-07, Koteshwar HEP (400 MW) in 2011-12 and two Wind Power Projects in Gujarat (50 MW in Patan and 63MW in Dwarika) in 2016-17, THDCIL has contributed 1000 MW, 400 MW and 113 MW of capacity addition during Xth , XIth and XIIth Plan respectively.
·       THDC proposes to add 1668 MW during 2017-2023 in the Capacity Addition Programme of MOP with the planned commissioning of following Projects:
1.    Tehri PSP                                        -            1000 MW
2.    VishnugadPipalkoti HEP                  -             444 MW
3.    Dhukwan SHP                                 -               24 MW
4.    Solar Power Plants                          -             250 MW   
5.    Khurja STTP                                    -             1320 MW
           TOTAL                                            -            3038 MW
·      THDCIL is also exploring possibilities of development of Hydro Electric and Pumped Storages Schemes in other parts of the country viz. Bhutan, Nepal etc. 
·        THDCIL plans to explore more possibilities to develop conventional / non conventional and renewable sources of energy such as Wind and Solar, and to provide specialized consultancy services in the Hydro Power Sector.