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400 MW Koteshwar Synchronized with Northern Grid

Fourth unit (100 MW) of Koteshwar HEP is successfully synchronized with the Northern Grid. Koteshwar HEP will now add 400 MW of power to the Northern Grid. This 400 MW of power has come as a big relief for Northern India which is already facing power shortage ahead of summer season. The commissioning of all units of KHEP was scheduled in March 2012 and the same is achieved well in time with the synchronization of this unit. Before this the third unit was also commissioned in January 2012 in line with the commissioning of Unit I & II in March 2011 as per schedule.   


581 MU of energy is already generated from three units of KHEP against the target of 564 MU upto March 2012 and it is expected that 600 MU of energy will be generated by 31.03.2012. With the successful commissioning of all four units of KHEP, the total installed capacity of THDCIL has now increased to 1400 MW. With this (1000MW) Tehri HPP and (400 MW) Koteshwar HEP is fully operational and the work on (1000 MW) Tehri PSP is in progress. 


It is a run-of-the-river scheme which will generate 1234 MU of energy annually. The reservoir created by Koteshwar Dam having live storage capacity of 35 MCM will also function as lower (balancing) reservoir for Tehri PSP. This project will also regulate water releases from Tehri reservoir for irrigation purpose.


THDCIL is a joint venture of Govt. of India & Govt. of UP and one of the premier profit making hydro power generator in the country with commissioning of Tehri & Koteshwar Dam to its credit and is bestowed with 'Mini Ratna-Category-I & Schedule 'A' status.

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