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Naivaidyam (नवैद्यम) Initiative started in the Schools run by THDC Education Society
Naivaidyam (नवैद्यम) Initiative started in the Schools run by THDC Education Society Sh. R.S.T. Sai, CMD, THDC India Limited (THDCIL) started “Naivaidyam” (नवैद्यम) Initiative in collaboration with Madhuban Aashram, Rishikesh in the Schools managed by THDC Education Society in Rishikesh and Tehri on 08.04.2016 at Rishikesh. Under this scheme nutritious meal will be offered to the students. It will be prepared and supplied by Madhuban Aashram and THDC Education Society (TES) will take care of the fiscal impact. Sh. Sai while inaugurating this initiative interacted with the students and stressed on the need of balanced and nutritious diet in the overall development of the kids. He recited the preaching of “Taitariya Upnishad” about respect for Mother, Father, Teacher, Aacharya and indebtedness about Guru, Pitra and Matri and to follow these in lives. Sh. R.S.T. Sai also launched the website of THDC Education Society(TES) viz. www.thdceducationsociety.org. At TES School Tehri the (नवैद्यम) initiative has been started by Sh. O.S. Maurya, GM(Project) today. Sh. D.V. Singh, Director(Technical), Sh. S.K. Biswas, Director(Personnel), Sh. Sridhar Patra, Director(Finance), Sh. S.R. Mishra, GM(S&E) & President TES, Sh. H.L. Bharaj, GM(Services), Sh. Vijay Goel GM(P&A/CC) & Vice President TES, Sh. R.K. Srivastava, Principal, TES School and teachers along with students, office bearers of Madhuban Aashram, Rishikesh were present on this occasion.

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